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Join our Zumba class in Arlington, Virginia with instructors Coco and Melissa to try out some of the best instructors in the area. You're invited to the party!


If you like Latin music, hip-hop, and dance music, you'll be sure to have a great time.


No dance experience needed. No gym membership required. Beginners are welcomed!



2022 Fall Class Schedule (1 hr class):

Tuesdays 5pm: Virtual via Zoom

Thursdays 5pm (Zumba & Sculpt): Virtual via Zoom. This is a class combining toning with Zumba dance moves!

Saturdays 9am:  Virtual in the fall of 2022. Starting 2023 we will be at 4444 Arlington Blvd. (Unitarian, Universalist Church, Arlington VA)

“ I love taking Zumba classes with Coco... I can tell you with her classes + a healthy life style, I have lost 15 pounds... Regular exercise doesn't do it for me, I hate to run, get bored on machines, but I love to dance, and that is exactly what we do at Zumba. The variety of songs and styles of dance is different every single class. I feel energized after class now and look forward to the next one."

PJ Carleton, Event Planner





Class Passes







$16/1 class


$33/3 classes



  • For first timers only

  • Good for Tues/Thu/Sat classes only



$75/5 classes

  • Save $5

  • Good for 4 months


$140/10 classes

  • Our most popular pass!

  • Save $20

  • Good for 4 months

Zumba RSVP Form
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