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CocoFitness is a boutique private fitness studio based in Arlington, Virginia that specializes in Zumba Classes and personal training.

We share a portion of our sales with the community. Please support small, local businesses and visit us!





Born in Malaysia and raised in Maryland, Coco grew up doing cheerleading, tae kwon do, and cross-counry.


In 2007, Coco started her own business in fitness and dance and has created a loyal following - the group has been together over 10 years!!


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Coco Low
Reshma Siddik



Born and raised in Northern Virginia, Resh obtained a Master's degree in Exercise Science and started personal training in 2007. In 2012, she placed in the Asia Fitness Convention Trainer of the Year contest. In 2014, she competed in her first bodybuilding competition and took 3rd place.


Married to a Foreign Service Officer, Resh has honed her personal training skills globally. Now back in Arlington, she is excited to help you achieve your fitness goals and more!

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Trudy is a Massachusetts native and pre-kindergarten through 8th grade French Teacher on Capitol Hill. She started dancing officially in 1992 and she's been Irish stepping since 1998. She loves her family, friends, singing, laughing, and chocolate! 


Trudy has the kind of charisma like the most popular girl in high school - all that positive energy just makes you want to hang around her all the time! I She can booty shake like no other and will motivate you to do the same in class.

Melissa Hough



Melissa started dancing as a student of Coco's classes in 2008 and now has transformed into an inspiring instructor. 


Melissa has just one rule for her classes: Shake it! She puts it all out on the dance floor and expects you to do the same.


As a leukemia survivor and someone with Chilean roots, it's no wonder that Melissa maximizes life, including her workouts!


She is usually surrounded by an entourage of friends and when you take her class, you will understand why she is so magnetic=)

Trudy Roddy

“We have such a personal touch because we are small and locally-owned.  We look forward to dancing and training together as you undergo your fitness journey!" 

Coco Low, Owner of CocoFitness

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