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Meet in our private personal training studio in North Arlington, Virginia, just three blocks from the Ballston metro on the Orange Line.

STEP 1: Fill out Interest Form

STEP 2: Consult with trainer over phone

STEP 3: Schedule your first session

When looking for a certified personal trainer, you'll need a lot of qualities that will help you be successful in your fitness journey, like someone who is:


  • well-educated in exercise technique and biomechanics

  • reliable

  • always on time

  • cheerful

  • always up for something new (in our case, new
    exercises and routines)

  • non-intimidating

  • non-judgemental

  • inspiring

  • energetic & FUN!

  • and it sure doesn't hurt to work with a fit and toned trainer to motivate you, doesn't it?

Whether you are a beginner or looking for something new, choose among small group training, partner training, or one-to-one sessions to get fitter now!
Share costs + have more fun with up to three other people 


To get more bang for your buck, take advantage of our most popular personal training option and join a small group. You will receive a lot more personalized attention than taking a larger class, so we will be able to check your form and perfect your technique. A lot of clients thrive when working out in a team since it provides the group support and camaderie that you don't get in a one-to-one session. Some of you competitive people will love pushing yourself further when there are others next to you working on similar goals. Cost: $65 / 50min session 

Workout with a buddy for a better value


Clients love this training option since they can split session costs and the trainer's attention with only one other person. We can set you up with a partner or you can bring a friend/significant other to keep you active in and out of the studio. What better way to spend quality time with your partner than to get healthier and stronger together?


With the partner session type, you will each purchase a pack of 25min training sessions and when you are both present you can combine your sessions for a full 1-hour session together. Cost: $70/session

The most effective workout for your specific goals


Whether you have an important event (like a wedding!) to get ready for, an injury to recover from, or any other specific goal to work on, choose one-on-one sessions to focus on just yourself. For those who love privacy, no one else except for your trainer will be present so the studio is all yours. You will get the safest outcome and best results when concentrating on a workout program tailored just for you. Choose a time slot to stick to regularly for 1-3 days a week and start discovering muscles you didn't know you had!

Cost: $85-$95/50min depending on pack of session, $65/25min session