Meagan loses 20lbs


Vitals: Meagan M, lost 20lbs


Field of work/occupation:  Chemist


Fav exercise:  I have started to do a lot of exercise since training has begun.  I love to ride my bike, run, kayak, and lift weights!


Lesson learned:  How to eat more healthy but not giving up everything that might not be good.  I also have learned a lot about my body muscles and how to control them during different exercises.


"My best friend was seeing Coco to get in stellar shape for her wedding day.  She looked so good; I couldn’t help but check things out for myself.  I had always been in pretty good shape until graduate school when things went down hill fast. 


When I met Coco I knew right away that she was going to motivate me and help me do what I needed to do to reach my goals.  I felt very comfortable around her and knew that her positive attitude and outlook was exactly what I was looking for.  So I decided to start my journey.  My major goals were to lose pounds and tone up my arms, butt, and stomach (which is a lot now that I see it on paper).


After talking about my lifestyle we decided as a team that I needed to take control of my eating habits.  I am hypoglycemic so I probably should have been controlling them some time ago, never the less I set up a food journal in which I kept track of my proportions, calorie intake and exercise.  At first I thought this was going to be impossible but with Coco’s help and guidance I buckled down and gave 110%.  She was able to view my spreadsheet through whenever she wanted and we talked about things at our sessions.  Understanding the proportions of each food that I was eating was the biggest part that changed my life.  Not only do I eat a lot healthier now but I know what proportions I need to be good full, and not bloated full.


During sessions I learned techniques to target the areas I wanted to change.  Sessions ARE NOT a cake walk, but Coco encourages you to try your very best.  You know that she is there for you and wants you to reach your goals as much as you do.


So far I have lost over 20 lbs and 4 pants sizes.  I am so proud of myself and so are the people closest to me!  Getting back into shape has given me confidence and allowed me to finally become the person I want to be.  Working with Coco has inspired me to start to kayak, rock climb, run 10 milers, and ride my bike long distances on the weekend.  My progress has rubbed off on my family and friends and now we all workout together!

~Thanks Crazy Coco"





After training: Meagan made this costume for Halloween and it shows off her new body!
Before training