Kat gets a sexy back


“I decided to commit to losing weight when I got engaged.”


Vitals: Kathryn D, 29, Arlington, VA

Occupation: Public relations

Weight lost: 15 pounds of body fat, in time for her wedding day.

Lesson Learned: I am stronger than I thought I could ever be!


” I wanted to look fabulous, get in shape and feel amazing on my wedding day. Despite my doubts about money and whether or not I would see results, I decided that training with Coco was worth it, especially considering wedding pictures last a lifetime!


Coco is so great to work with - she is not only kind and sweet, but she is also someone who knows how to balance that with kicking your butt when she has to. My workouts included strength training two days a week and cardio up to four times a week in between my sessions. I also decided to change my eating habits by monitoring my daily caloric intake. I created a spreadsheet where I entered in all my calories I ate and how much I exercised each day. It really helped keep me on track.


The workouts and watching what I ate really paid off! I lost about 15 pounds of body fat and gained a lot of muscle in my arms and legs. I also have a bad left shoulder and through working out with Coco, the pain went away. You wouldn’t believe the compliments that I got on my wedding day (and I’m still getting) – everyone was impressed with my newly toned body!