Michelle is fabulous after 50


Vitals: Michelle M, 52

Field of work/occupation:  Government senior executive

Weight lost: 22 pounds & two pants sizes

Favorite exercise: 25lb rows and the stability ball

Lesson Learned: The more you work out, the more motivated you get!


"After years of thinking about getting a trainer and not acting on it, I saw an article in Allure Magazine about CocoFitness. I couldn't believe it was so convenient to where I lived, so I decided to give Coco a try. I was tired of feeling like a wimp – I wanted to be strong and toned. I needed Coco to whip me into shape.


Since I started training with Coco I've lost 22 pounds, two pants sizes and for the first time in my life I'm a size eight! Who knows, maybe next I'll get a two-piece bathing suit.


Coco is fantastic – she's like my own personal cheerleader! She is so patient and caring and she motivates you without yelling at you. All of the exercises I do with Coco are easy to replicate at home; she also takes the time to make sure I know the right way to do them so I can get the best results possible. The best part is - the more you work out, the more motivated you get!


Training with Coco is also a big stress reliever. I usually train after work, so by the time I get there I'm a ball of nerves from my day. When I walk out of training an hour later, I'm full of endorphins, I'm in a better mood and I know that I've done a good thing for myself – mind, body and spirit. I've even tried Coco's Zumba class and really enjoyed it too.


Coco also encouraged me to change my eating habits. I don't deny myself the foods I want, I just learned to eat them in reasonable portions. I've also learned that if I can't control my portions, I just won't eat it, no matter what it is. I make sure to have a good, healthy breakfast every day and I rarely eat an entire entrée.


Working with Coco, I've been able to accomplish not only my physical goals, but she's really helped me overcome road blocks in my personal life. I feel great, I look great, and I'm finally living my life the way I've always wanted to."

After training: stronger with a tighter tummy