Vitals: Fabien O., 33, luxury hotel sales

Favorite exercise: Working with the cable machines and anything with the core

Lesson learned: Training is an investment in life!


Fabien's transformation was amazing -- like most clients, he came to Coco as a beginner to exercise, never having strength trained before. Then just after a few months of training he hit his goal of getting a six pack as well as a whole lot of muscle everywhere, and Fabien became hooked on working out.  He trained with Coco for several years after reaching his first goal and kept getting more advanced with his workouts, namely for stress relief from his demanding job.


We like to joke with Fabien that he has become narcissistic, admiring his leg muscles and often showing off his hot new bod to his coworkers — whether they want to see it or not!


Fabien’s turning point in fitness occured during his trial session with her. “Coco made me realize early in the training session it was an investment on life!” His best bites involve lots of protein to feed his growing muscles.


As for his sweat sessions? “When do I not sweat with Coco? Always can do better and always more weight!”


Because Fabien travels alot for fun and work, his top tip is to work out whenever wherever! For this Coco gives Fabien workout programs that he can do with no equipment or just a couple of portable fitness tools. When he's back in town, he also takes Coco's Zumba classes to burn off all those extra calories he consumed while on the road.


The big payoff for Fabien transcends his new six-pack. He feels better now that he is has more energy!

Before training