Cooking Classes

‘In the Kitchen’ with Sunny

Come join Sunny for cooking classes in Arlington, Virginia. We serve Washington, DC., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Chef Sunny DiSoco

Cook with Sunny D

When you take a class with Sunny, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Acquire new cooking skills
  • Learn the culture behind the food
  • Savor your culinary creations
  • Enjoy a glass of wine
  • Take home leftovers
  • Call the Sunny hotline when you need help


Sara's buddies set up a cooking class to celebrate her bachelorette party. Yum!

Sara’s buddies set up a cooking class to celebrate her bachelorette party. Yum!

Types of Classes

  1. Cuisines: Thai, Indian, Cuban, Peruvian, and Mediterranean
  2. Fast & Healthy: Easy Cooking for Weight Loss, Cooking for the Busy Body, Fast Gourmet, One Meal Makes Many, and One Pot Dishes
  3. Skills Classes: Roasting, Knife Skills, Getting Started in the Kitchen, and Spice Pairings

Upcoming Classes

To set up your own private group class of 8-10 people, please email

After 6 years of teaching public classes, Sunny is taking a sabbatical to spend time with his toddlers.  For those who have taken a cooking class in the past, don’t hesitate to use your Sunny hotline as he continues to explore his passion for cooking along with his passion as a dad.


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Other Classes

Cooking for the Busy Body last held 9/27/14, Saturday 10am-12:30pm: Make delicious, healthy, and inexpensive meals with little time and effort. We will implement time saving techniques like bulk marinating while using tools that minimize effort like food processors and crock pots.

Thai Cooking last held 10/18/14, Saturday 10am-12:30pm: We’re bringing back the original Thai cooking class that we introduced 6 years ago.  This class teaches you how to make some of the classical dishes we love getting at Thai restaurants.  We’ll start by making cha yen (Thai Iced Tea), followed by Tom Ka Gai Soup, Beef panang, and Sticky rice with lychees for dessert.

Knife Skills  last held 11/1/14, Saturday 10am-12:30pm: Every cook will benefit from this class that teaches what to look for in a good knife, what knife to use, how to take care of your knives, how to sharpen your knives, how to hold your knives, what cutting technique to use, and lots of practice cutting various foods. As a bonus we’ll also roast and learn how to carve a chicken, and of course, eat it!!

Peruvian  last held 11/15/14, Saturday 10am-12:30pm: Well before fusion became in vogue in the US, various cuisines from Africa, Asia, Europe, and of course, Amerindian were colliding to create the modern day Peruvian cuisine. Come learn a few of the favorites. Menu: Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Seco de Pollo, and Cilantro Rice.

Fast Gourmet Mediterranean last held 1/23/13, Saturday 11am to 1:30pm. SOLD OUT. Based on requests, I have created a fusion between my “Fast and Healthy” line of classes with my “Cuisines from Around the World” line of classes to bring you Fast Gourmet Mediterranean. The menu will consist of three courses. Course 1: Pea Pate (trust me on this one), Course 2: Gazpacho, Course 3: Chicken with Curry and wild berries, tri-color cranberry couscous, and Caponata Italiana! We’ll be eating throughout so feel free to skip breakfast.

Easy Cooking for Weight Loss last held 6/26/13, Saturday 11am to 1:30pm
Exercise will only get you part way there, and for some people eating habits can completely negate the progress made by their fitness regimen. Come learn how to eat right, cook right, and think right to allow you to come back to and stay at your desired weight. You will learn concepts such as how to feel full through the foods you choose, how you cook them, how you serve them, and finally how you savor them. You will discover delicious recipes for power foods such as quinoa and legumes.

Thai Favorites last held 10/16/13, Saturday 11am-1:30pm: There is no need to go out to eat your favorite Thai dishes anymore. From Thai appetizers to Thai stir fry to Thai curries come learn where to get the ingredients and how to put them together to create at home.

Men In the Kitchen Beginner Cooking 2-part class, held 10/22/13 & 10/29/13,  7pm – 10pm: Tired of eating the same old stuff? It’s time to learn how to cook and stop spending so much money eating out. Learn to whip up simple, healthy, and flavorful meals. Knowing to cook will not only benefit you but will also impress others. Learn some simple tricks and recipes that will get you moving in the right direction. Stop being afraid of the kitchen and get cooking. Class focuses on simplicity and success. Taught in partnership with Arlington County. Please contact 703-228-7202 to register.

 Introduction to the Indian Cooking Experience last held 11/21/13, Sunday 11am to 1:30pm: See what spices every Indian cook keeps in his/her spice box, and then use them to create your favorite Indian dishes: Butter Chicken, Chole (curried chickpeas), Biryani Rice, Raita (yogurt), and Mango Lassi.

Forbidden Cuban Cooking - last held 11/14/13, Saturday 11am-1:30pm: SOLD OUT We can’t legally visit the country, but good thing we can make their great food. Learn how to make ropa vieja better than the restaurants, arroz con pollo as taught by my adopted Cuban grandmother, frijoles negros (black beans), and oh so popular
Cuban plantains!

Vegetarian Indian Favorites - last held 4/26/14, Saturday 10am-1pm: Vegetarians, you asked and CocoFitness delivers our first purely vegetarian class. In India, the term non-veg is commonly used describe meat dishes demonstrating how most meals in Indian households are in fact completely vegetarian. While there are countless vegetarian dishes to choose from, we’ll focus on some of the favorites. Menu: Appetizer – aloo tikis (potato patties), Main course – bhindi (okra masala), urdh dal (type of lentil), palak paneer (spinach with Indian cheese), and mutter chawal (rice with peas).


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